Do More with Less

Table of contents

  1. Objectives

  2. What we can learn

  3. Articles

This post is just an introduction to a series of posts on the theme: Do more with less! This theme revolves around the following simple ideas:

  • Build things with a few simple but adequate tools
  • Realize things with as less impact as possible (execution, memory, environmental footprint…)

Said things can either be physical or software (or both!).


Do more with less being more of a global direction, the objectives will vary according to my personal projects. E.g. for a personal program project, some objectives would be:

  • Spending more time on thinking about what I want to achieve with the tools that I want to use. Some intermediary objectives might be easily achievable with a predetermined tools. But is that tools usable in the context that I want to use? The answer might be ‘Yes, completely!’. But what about the environmental footprint? Is that 24/7 running server really essential?
  • Using as little resource as possible. It doesn’t mean sacrificing any feature. What it essentially means is using resources as efficiently as possible. What’s the difference with traditional optimization? None really… Just a strong reminder that available resources aren’t unlimited, quite the contrary! Even though it is easy nowadays to acquire new resources, that we can doesn’t mean that we should. It is very important to define what’s acceptable and what’s achievable with little resources we actually have.

What we can learn

Like everything else in this blog, posts are very oriented towards my own personal projects. They’re a reminder of what I did, what I learned and what direction I want to take. If it can serve you, the reader, as well, then I’ll be glad.

My current personal project is targeting a Raspberry Pi Zero, with all its potential. What I’ve learned so far and wish to write here:

  • How to use all the capabilities of the Raspberry Pi Zero, most notably hardware-wise
  • How to remove everything that’s using resources that I don’t need